The benefits of wearing a silver necklace around the neck


Wearing a silver necklace around the neck has the benefit of promoting blood circulation around the skin of the neck, helping to massage acupuncture points, relieving fatigue, and having the benefit of calming the mind and helping to sleep. In addition, silver products in a certain range can produce a magnetic field, releasing a large number of silver ions, stimulating energy, the human body has the health benefits.

1. massage on the neck there are many capillaries, silver necklace with the human body activities and neck skin friction, can promote blood circulation, help massage the neck near the acupuncture points, improve metabolic function, a long time to wear can relieve fatigue, have the benefit of calming sleep.

2. skin care silver itself has a bactericidal effect, in ancient times people know that silver can prevent infection, purify water. If the skin near the neck has ulceration or inflammation, wearing silver necklace can inhibit ulceration and bacterial growth, accelerate wound healing. Wearing silver necklace for a long time, it can also help people metabolize melanin and make the skin whiter.

3. Detect the body quality silver products and sulfur contact will be black, if wearing silver necklace process, silver necklace become very black, it means that the body secretions in the sulfur substances too much, and silver necklace produced a chemical reaction, the body health condition is changing, so when the silver necklace began to black, to exercise more or go to check whether the body health.

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