Every Silver Ring Has the World’s History in It


If you give a silver ring to someone special in your life, you can think of it as giving them the whole world and the stars, because every element on Earth, including the silver used in the ring, originally came from the dying stars. Since silver was first discovered in 4000 BC, it has had a considerable impact on the world.

Lustrous and malleable metals, such as gold and silver, have always been in great demand due to their visual appeal and ability to be easily molded into useful objects.

1.Historical Value of Silver

Silver has also always been relatively scarce, and the rarer an element is, the more valuable it is. Most people believe that silver has always come second to gold in terms of value and popularity. But silver has other characteristics that have made it more popular and valuable than gold at various times in history.

It was at one time the world's currency. The Mycenaeans of mainland Greece in ancient times imported large quantities of silver from what is now Armenia. Their use of silver as currency helped to accelerate trade throughout the Mediterranean region. Silver became the standard currency for centuries.

However, it was scarce in China. As a result, it became the currency of choice for tea, silk, gunpowder and ceramics, as well as all other Chinese goods. All this trade was responsible for the creation of the famous "Silk Road" between East and West. When the Spaniards discovered silver mines in Peru and Mexico, they began trading silver for silk from the Chinese.

2.Other Properties of Silver

Did you know that silver also has impressive antibacterial properties? The ancient seafaring Phoenicians used to keep their drinking water in silver containers because the liquids would remain pure and drinkable during long voyages.

In the 1700s, some babies were fed with silver spoons because silver was considered healthier. This practice even led to the rich man's phrase: "born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Today, silver is still used to coat equipment used in hospitals to prevent infection.

Silver is also the conductor of choice for electrical applications. It is better than gold or copper, and the electronics industry is one of the major consumers of silver.

3.Establishing the 925 silver standard

As we mentioned, silver can easily be molded into jewelry and other useful items. However, a statute issued by Edward I in 1300 aimed to establish a standard for the composition of silver. It eventually created a type of silver that would hold and resist dents better. This is the 92.5% sterling silver standard, also known as 925 silver or sterling silver.

So, as you browse the Ericjewelry website in search of the perfect silver ring for that special someone, consider the huge role silver has played in the history of the world.

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