Benefits of Silver


Silver ion has a strong bactericidal effect, very good for the human body. It not only has economic value, beautiful and generous, but also can be a tool to detect poison, the ancients said that the body with silver health and wealth will be accompanied, not only because of its precious metal, medical, it is higher than the effectiveness of gold on human health.

The use of silver can detect whether the food is toxic, because silver and many toxins can occur chemical reaction, so that the silver blackened, easy to identify with the naked eye.

Before BC, the ancients knew that silver could accelerate the healing of wounds, prevent and control infections, purify water and preserve freshness. It prevents bacterial growth, calms the five organs, fixes the mind, stops panic and palpitations, and removes evil spirits.

Silver has excellent antibiotic and sterilizing effects. The average antibiotic can only work against an average of 6 germs, but silver can destroy most of them.
Silver has the most outstanding thermal conductivity among all metals, which can quickly dissipate heat from blood vessels and prevent various diseases with excellent therapeutic effects. Silver has the function of absorbing toxicity, which is one of the reasons for its discoloration, so it has excellent disinfection properties, and this discoloration is only a surface reaction, eliminated with toothpaste or medicine. This shows that the importance of silver for health cannot be ignored.

If the silver jewelry becomes black do not rush to wash with silver wash first, because the silver wash is a chemical agent, also has a certain corrosive effect on the jewelry. Silver polishing cloth is your first choice. There are many small prescriptions, let's say the silver jewelry in cola soak overnight, or use a soft brush dipped in toothpaste brush, but after washing can be sure to remember to use a cotton cloth to dry the water.

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